The Editor

What is the editor?

The Black Box Chart editor is a powerful tool. Its goal is to help you create your chart and then generate its setting code.

Here is a screenshot of the editor:

How to launch the editor

It is very simple to launch the editor. Create an account and go to My Charts, create a new chart and click on the Edit button to load the chart in the editor:

How to use the editor

Add a chart

Every components in the Charts panel can be dragged and dropped in the Charts Editing View. To add a new chart for exemple, here is what you have to do:

Then you can see that the new chart was added in the Charts Editing View:

Add a series

Now that you have a chart, you would like to add a series to it. First open the Series panel by clicking on Series in the Charts & Series box:

You can now see a list of series types:

To add a new series to a chart, drag and drop a type of series on an existing chart:

Notice that a series is now available in the list of series for the chart. Select the series and click on the Edit Series button to open the Series Editor:

You can manage all the settings of a series in the Series Editor:

Other settings

There are many settings of a chart that can be customized. Not every feature is listed in this short documentation, therefore we encourage you to play with the editor and find out what it is capable of.

Get the chart code

When your chart is fully designed, it is time to retrieve its setting code (the code you will pass to Black Box Chart to display the chart on your web page, see Documentation).

To do this, click on the View Chart Code button:

The chart code will be displayed in a new pop up window:

Save your chart

When you are done designing your chart, click on the Save button. The chart will be saved in the Black Box Chart database so that you can easily retrieve it later in My Charts.